Our Culture

We operate like a small business, with an employee-centric, family-oriented culture. We are not a “body shop,” simply providing personnel according to standardized, mechanical processes. We think collaboratively, with the philosophy that great ideas, innovations, and solutions usually come from a diversity of creative minds. We thrive by drawing on the knowledge and experience of not only our corporate senior leaders, but, more importantly, on the insight and drive of our employees who are on-site, working side-by-side with our clients every day. Our values are simple and straightforward. We know that competitive salaries and generous benefits are essential in our industry and SC3 strives to offer the best in both areas.



Our Benefits
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    SC3 salaries are structured to be competitive in given markets, regions, and other employment conditions.

    • Contributions to SC3’s mission, as well as short and long term goals are rewarded
    • Employees are recognized for growth and advancements made in their profession, in support of our customers, and in support of the Company
    • Compensation is structured to be fair with consideration for job requirements, performance, skills and experience
    • SC3’s compensation plan is compliant with federal and state laws, and meets regulatory auditable guidelines
    • Employees receive a bonus for referring qualified candidates who become successfully employed with us for more than six months
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    Health and Wellness

    A combination of various health care coverage options, wellness discounts, and on-site fitness centers (at some locations) are available to promote healthy families.

    • Three PPO Medical Insurance plan options to choose from to cover you and eligible family members. Once enrolled, you will also have access to board certified doctors virtually, 24/7/365, via phone or secure video to help treat many non-emergency medical conditions
    • Dental Insurance plan provides a national PPO plan with orthodontia coverage for dependent children
    • Vision Insurance plan provides a national PPO plan
    • Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts provides the maximum allowed by IRS to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible out-of-pocket health care expenses
    • Wellness discounts offered through national health care provider on services like weight loss, gym memberships, acupuncture and yoga classes
    • An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all employees and their family members and provides confidential assessment, counseling, and referrals. Services include help and guidance with life issues that impact physical and mental health, work performance, as well as family and work relationships
    • Enrollment in one of our medical insurance plans grants employees access to a Personal Health Management System. This free and voluntary service allows members to speak with a dedicated nurse to discuss second opinions, review claims, coordinate services, and receive health education and advocacy
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    Pre-tax Savings

    • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts provides option to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for child care
    • Transit and Parking Flexible Spending Accounts provides option to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for public transportation to work and/or parking expenses
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    Life Insurance

    • SC3 provides Term Life Insurance for every full time employee that is equal to one times your annual salary up to $100,000
    • In addition, Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance in the same amount is provided
    • Supplemental Term Life Insurance may be purchased by employees in amounts up to $500,000 for themselves and for their spouse, and up to $10,000 for dependent children
    • Additional Accidental Death and Dismemberment in the same amounts may also be purchased
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    Disability Insurance

    • The Company provides full time employees with Long Term Disability Coverage equal to 60% of salary up to $5,000 per month after a 90 day waiting period
    • Short Term Disability Insurance may be purchased by employee and covers 60% of salary up to $1,000 per week after applicable waiting period
    • State-mandated short-term disability plans are covered where applicable
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    Travel Insurance

    • Business travel accident insurance is provided
    • Personal travel insurance coverage is provided at no charge through life insurance carrier
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    Leave and Holidays

    SC3 believes in a healthy work/life balance. Time off to relax, vacation, enjoy family, and attend to family obligations is critical to maintain this balance.

    Universal Leave

    Employees will accrue universal leave each pay period. This is paid time off to use for vacations, personal business, and illness.


    SC3 employees will enjoy 10 paid holidays each year:

    • New Year’s Day
    • President’s Day
    • Martin Luther King Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Columbus Day
    • Veteran’s Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Day

    Military Reservist Leave

    Military reservists will receive up to 10 days of leave per year to attend annual training. The rate of pay is the difference between the military leave received and normal SC3 pay.

    Jury Duty

    Employees who serve on Jury Duty will receive one full day of pay.

    Bereavement Leave

    Employees will receive up to three days of paid leave in the event of a death in their immediate family.

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    Professional Development

    SC3 believes that continuous personal and professional development benefits not only individual employees, but also their coworkers, work teams, and the Company. We support professional development in the following ways:

    • Promote continuous process improvement
    • Provide annual feedback and encouragement through performance evaluations
    • Provide comprehensive online training through a Learning Management System
    • Provide tuition reimbursement for undergraduate and graduate courses
    • Provide incentives for achievement of eligible professional certifications
    • Provide reimbursement for professional association memberships and participation
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    The SC3 401k Retirement Savings Plan is available to all employees and provides a company match with immediate vesting.

    • A 100% match of the first 4% of salary (immediate vesting)
    • Potential for additional match and profit share
    • A comprehensive portfolio of investment funds to choose from
    • Both pre-tax and Roth post-tax investment options available
    • Free support by certified financial advisors