Consulting Services

SC3’s consulting services are designed to provide clients with strategic insight into all aspects of the marketplace. Our team blends corporate and government intelligence experience with professionals trained by the World’s leading strategy consulting firms. We can help you define your business challenge, craft a strategic plan, and create the detailed analysis needed to make an informed decision. We also leverage a proven knowledge-transfer model to help build organic capabilities.

Our services include Strategic Consulting, Performance Improvement & Outsourcing, Research & Analysis, and Executive Training. We work with Fortune 500 companies across industries and across the globe.

Strategic Consulting

Our team of experienced analysts and global network of subject matter experts will connect you with the best information available to aid in your decision making process. Our services include Competitive Intelligence and Strategy Consulting, Market Analysis, Primary Research, Counter-CI and Executive Training and Award-winning, Custom Competitive Intelligence Solutions.
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    CI Function Build-Out

    Are you looking to establish a new competitive intelligence function or strengthen your existing team? We leverage our deep competitive intelligence expertise to help clients quickly translate knowledge from across increasingly dispersed and globally diverse enterprises into effective strategy.
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    FCPA / Sanctions Compliance

    SC3 provides in-depth anti-bribery and anti-corruption investigations to determine the target company or entity’s risk profile, especially for overseas transactions.
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    Intellectual Property Protection

    In today’s global economy, businesses need to capitalize on overseas sales and manufacturing opportunities in order to grow and profit, but with opportunity comes the risk of industrial espionage. SC3’s team of former intelligence officers can help you protect your trade secrets using the same knowledge and methods employed to protect the United States.
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    Scenario Planning

    SC3 provides dynamic scenario planning solutions designed to help senior leaders evaluate potential market changes and look ahead to effectively minimize risks and manage change.
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    Wargaming is an effective predictive tool for helping senior leaders understand the competition, develop successful strategies and enhance competitive awareness throughout the organization. Whether launching a new product, strategy or event, wargames help organizations “get into the heads” of competitors and assess intensity, level of threat and blind spots. SC3’s experts will help you get the most out of your wargaming experience.

Performance Improvement & Outsourcing

SC3 helps clients improve core business processes and implement mission-critical change. We deliver a better approach to managing your IT infrastructure, from individual desktop applications to networks. We can help you bring uniform management to multiple interdependent projects and ensure compliance with government mandates and legislation. We also manage operational activities so your staff can focus on performing strategic HR functions.
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    Human Capital Management & Outsourcing

    We manage operational and consulting services including: strategic HR planning/Federal Human Resource Subject Matter Expertise; Business Records Management/Personnel Records Management; Personnel Action Request (PAR) Processing; Staff Augmentation; and Payroll activities.
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    Business Process Improvement / Re-Engineering

    Our BPI/BPR services focus on systemic change by realigning processes with your organization’s mission and goals. Through in-depth analyses and subsequent modifications within and across business processes, we increase the efficacy and efficiency of your organization’s functions and supporting systems.
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    Change Management / Communication Planning

    We take a holistic approach to identifying and managing the impact that internal and external influences have on how an organization conducts business. We believe that educating and notifying customers is a large part of a continued change management process, and clear communication to all customers throughout the enterprise is a key component.
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    Project Management Office (PMO) Support

    Our Project Management Office (PMO) services help agencies reach their business goal by analyzing the effectiveness and value of new or existing projects. We provide stand-alone PMOs, or incorporate a PMO into our larger, multi-task teams.

Research & Analysis

SC3’s consulting team is comprised of experienced strategists utilizing proven methodologies to provide actionable intelligence and well-supported insights into the business issues faced by our clients. We are expert in identifying sources of key intelligence and deftly eliciting insight from contacts at all levels of the value chain, including direct competitors. Our collaborative consulting approach is designed to facilitate strategic planning and keep clients ahead of future trends.
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    Competitive Benchmarking

    How is my company performing relative to competitors? Are you the only player outperforming the market, or the only one suffering in a recession? Our analysts use time-proven techniques that go beyond competitor comparisons to help senior executives identify competitive gaps, threats, opportunities and future trends and develop strategies that maximize their competitive advantage.
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    Win/Loss Analysis

    What factors influence my customers’ purchasing decisions? We help firms uncover a more complete picture of the competitive marketplace and why their strategies are winning or falling short. Our approach focuses on tying actionable analysis to insider knowledge obtained directly from competitors that can be immediately applied to develop more effective, innovative strategies.
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    M&A Due Diligence

    Effectively mitigating risk associated with acquisitive growth. Our analysts get to the “ground truth” and help firms ensure they are making a sound investment. We uncover potential red flags and provide clients have the best information available to aid in their decision-making process. SC3 can also assist finding and vetting acquisition candidates that best fit your strategy and business goals.
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    Overseas Partner Vetting

    How do I protect myself from potentially risky associations? We help clients avoid missing costly red flags that could create serious compliance issues when considering partnerships or conducting business with foreign individuals or corporations. SC3’s experts can quickly identify issues related to FCPA, OECD, ITAR, US and international sanctions, and identify potential illicit activity that could create reputational risk.

Executive Training

SC3 provides corporate executives with specialized training across a spectrum of competitive intelligence (CI) topics. Topics can range from understanding the need for CI or building a corporate competitive intelligence function to countering your competitors’ CI efforts or safeguarding your company’s intellectual property. SC3’s experienced and knowledgeable staff convey competitive intelligence industry best practices, provide useful, real-world examples based on firsthand experience, and tailor instruction to meet customer requirements. Our practical, hands-on approach makes for a seamless transfer of knowledge.
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    Counter-CI Training

    To retain their edge in a competitive market, corporate executives must remain one step ahead of competitors. Staying ahead not only requires effective CI to understand what competitors are doing or contemplating, but also counter-CI to prevent those competitors from acquiring and exploiting information about one’s own company’s strategy, key personnel, and other critical information. SC3’s Counter-CI training provides a framework and process for this critical function.
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    CI Tools & Methods

    Over the past two decades, competitive intelligence has evolved from an ad hoc activity primarily performed by larger firms to a professional industry with accepted best practices, ethical guidelines and standards of conduct, an array of CI software offerings, and recognized thought leaders and practitioners. SC3’s Executive Training in CI tools and methods benefits anyone from single individuals responsible for their company’s nascent CI practice to Fortune 500 firms seeking to enhance their existing CI capabilities with the latest CI tools and methods.
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    Security Awareness

    The combination of globalization, advances in technology, Information Age changes to how data is processed, moved, and stored, and other factors have had the dual effect of making industrial espionage increasingly attractive while at the same time reducing the risk of detection for perpetrators. Industrial espionage has become a major concern for all companies, in all industries. SC3 offers Executive Training to help companies guard against physical, personnel, and cyber risks to intellectual property in a proactive, cost-effective, and sensible manner.
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    Practical, Hands-On Approach

    Relying on a practical, hands-on approach, SC3’s knowledgeable and experienced competitive intelligence practitioners provide corporate executives with useful conceptual frameworks, proven CI processes, and timely and relevant data so that those executives can immediately apply and bring CI value to their home organizations.

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