Cyber Solutions

SC3 is the only provider that offers a truly comprehensive solution to ensuring your critical systems and infrastructure remain secure. We offer solutions that incorporate effective cyber defense technology, physical security assessments, personnel vetting, internal policy development, and rapid response to suspected breaches.

SC3 currently provides Security & Information Assurance Services to customers comprising:

  • Assessment & Authorization
  • Cyber Security
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) & Continuity of Operations (COOP)
  • Enterprise Security Management (ESM)
  • Incident Response
  • Network Security Engineering
  • Risk Assessment & Continuous Monitoring
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)

Infrastructure Protection

In light of numerous cyber-attacks on American companies, cyber defense of commercial networks, particularly online ICS and SCADA systems and other critical infrastructure, has become increasingly important. The organization and sophistication of both private, anonymous hacking organizations as well as state-actors has increased exponentially.

SC3’s experienced team of cybersecurity experts, former intelligence officers, and competitive intelligence professionals helps clients solve their toughest security challenges. Our comprehensive array of Protective Solutions leverage proven frameworks, tools, and methodologies to assess and mitigate threats to clients’ critical systems, infrastructure, and intellectual property. These threats can come in many forms, and often seek to use the target’s own employees—or insiders—to exploit vulnerabilities created by technical and physical security gaps.

Our experience has shown that effective threat mitigation requires a comprehensive strategy of:

  • Cyber Defense
  • Physical Security
  • Personnel Security
  • Internal Policy
  • Crisis Response

Traffic Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment

Leveraging the latest and greatest tool suites in Cybersecurity, SC3 cyber analysts are able to effectively analyze network traffic through advanced Packet Capture (PCAP) techniques. Our team of Cybersecurity experts are able to analyze a network, optimize the network configuration, identify vulnerabilities, and even help mitigate risk through advanced risk analysis. Our advanced traffic analysis capability is also a crucial piece to our underlying vulnerability assessment capability as well.A key component of defending a network is to probe for weaknesses. We possess technical experts who built their skills for national-level departments and agencies, evaluating operational networks in use worldwide. These skills are applied to the latest network gear to provide clients with insights into the most secure products on the market. We also provide vendor neutrality; we do not partner with any network product vendors to give a true independent assessment. Certification, assessment and testing are conducted on premises or remotely, according to client needs.

Operations Research and Development

Through our teams of engineers, we monitor and ensure consistent network uptime for any client. SC3 Cyber specializes in creating a network environment that is safe and efficient, while allowing for customization of the client’s needs. We employ intrusion detection systems that monitor inconsistencies while protecting the network to give our clients a safe environment to operate in. We also offer various cyber capabilities through leading industry partners to help clients create and maintain a secure network.SC3 has built and maintains several Innovation Labs to create and develop new solutions in cyber. Through our Innovation Lab (iLab), we develop, test and reverse engineer many technologies such as ICS, websites, software code and firmware. We evaluate new technology in a secure virtual environment called IDcloud, an anonymous virtual network that protects its users from the dangers of the World Wide Web.