Language and Culture

Linguistic Support

SC3’s Language Division provides linguistic and foreign language analytic support across the Intelligence Community (IC), Department of Defense, and other federal agencies supporting the National Security mission. Through our current prime contracts with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), US Army INSCOM, and classified clients within the IC, SC3 has a proven track record of providing cleared linguists specializing in interpretation, translation and transcription; including HUMINT, SIGINT, OSINT and DOMEX/DOCEX-focused language support, as well as language- enabled Intelligence Analysis.


SC3 currently has more than 200 cleared, qualified linguists currently supporting our prime contracts. Our personnel specialize in interpretation, translation and transcription in high-demand languages, such as Pashtu and Dari, as well as less common languages and dialects such as Igbo and Hariri. With additional bench strength of nearly 500 linguists representing more than 60 languages, SC3 has the resources to meet any requirement—long-term, short-term, or surge—for language support across the intelligence and national security sectors.

Expert Language Support

Our personnel are more than simply translators and interpreters. In addition to foreign language expertise, SC3 actively seeks language professionals with sound analytic skills and knowledge of the geopolitical, historical, military and social landscapes associated with the target language and population. We understand that the cultural, political and colloquial nuances of complex societies are often just as critical to the mission as the languages themselves. In addition to traditional and CONUS-based language support programs, SC3 has language experts embedded in the OCONUS environment, supporting mission critical field operations.

Mission Understanding

SC3 works closely with each client to ensure a keen understanding of the language support specialties, collection methodologies, and reporting vehicles specific to each individual agency. We approach each client mission with a thorough knowledge of the language and dialect required, the requisite Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) proficiency level, as well as the relevant ILR modality (Listening/Reading/ Speaking/Writing/Translation). We vet every language professional individually to ensure that their background, analytical skills, and mission understanding meet the client’s needs as well as SC3’s high standards for service excellence.