Operations and Analysis

Our officers’ real-world experience provides them with the tools necessary to stay relevant to the shifting target set in today’s world and continuously explore new targeting concepts and refine existing toolsets. Our officers understand how to collect, collate, and analyze multiple streams of information in order to obtain actionable targeting intelligence.


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    Non-Operational Reporting and Analytics (NORA)

    SC3 officers use a variety of analytic tools to include automated data scraping and social network analysis and recognize the significance of bias minimization; methods of interpretative analysis and intelligence categorization. Our officers integrate intelligence gleaned from virtual social networking analysis and OSINT collection to further conduct behavioral analysis, operational vetting, activity pattern analysis and cultural awareness as it pertains to targeting.
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    SIGINT/OSINT exploitation

    SC3’s officers have a deep understanding of the use of open source intelligence (OSINT) in the broader targeting plan and understand OSINT’s strategic position in the HUMINT collection cycle, both in traditional and non-traditional operational settings; its applicability in validation of developmental and recruited relationships; and its utility in creating oblique contact with individuals/entities of operational interest. SC3 SIGINT analysts include foreign language experts who specialize in translating and analyzing SIGINT data to identify actionable intelligence.
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    Threat Finance Analysis (TF)

    SC3 analysts provide strategic and operational Threat Finance investigations, conducting All-Source Analysis to respond to Global War on Terrorism and Counter Narco-Terrorism (CNT) requirements. Our analysts coordinate various CNT and TD activities, to include intelligence, operations, and criminal/financial investigative and inter-agency collaborative activities with counterparts at Combatant Commands, other DOD Components, and U.S. Government agencies in support of their requirements.

Operations Support

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    Support to Field Operations

    Our operationally experienced personnel deliver essential headquarters-based operational support, to include reviewing cable traffic, providing operational guidance to the field, conducting name traces, completing in-depth targeting surveys, and maintaining case files.
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    Planning, Design, Implementation

    Drawing upon years of experience in the federal sector, SC3 personnel assist our clients in the planning, design, and execution of a variety of traditional and nontraditional HUMINT and Technical Operations.
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    Intra/Inter-Agency coordination

    Our personnel are drawn from across the Federal Sector and support critical efforts to identify intelligence gaps and provide process recommendations, including the application of technological solutions, to fill these collection gaps across organizational lines. They also liaise with IC, DoD and law enforcement agencies to coordinate collaborative processes, facilitate the exchange of information and enhance the overall effectiveness of programs.
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    Counter-Intelligence (CI) reviews

    SC3 CI experts design and implement operational tests, develop CI surveys of operational entities, and produce and present necessary scrubs for senior review panels.
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    Infrastructure Support

    SC3 personnel assist our clients in building our global infrastructure to support a variety of logistical, funding and operational needs.
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    Capacity Building

    SC3 personnel provide tactical training in logistics capabilities, as well as strategic guidance and mentoring to senior leadership to help develop our allies’ organizational capacity and reduce their reliance on U.S. support.


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    Pattern of Life

    Pattern recognition and pattern of life (POL) exploitation enables the core collector to orchestrate and maintain contact with targets of interest. SC3 personnel have developed and refined their skills in the creative application of pattern exploitation over many years in the foreign field. Our officers support our clients by utilizing all-source operational data to develop actionable intelligence on human targets and their networks.
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    Social Network Analysis

    SC3 officers leverage industry best practices as well as SC3-proprietary tools identify, analyze, and depict social and business networks for asset validation; predicting the probability of target access to fill various intelligence gaps; identifying leads to other sources; understanding and preparing for Pattern of Life (POL) incidents and formulating cover-consistent approaches to the identified target.
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    Link Analysis

    SC3 officers sift through large data sets, use a cutting edge link analysis techniques to identify the “golden nugget” (or specific pieces of information that can have substantial case impact). By interrogating the data and applying non-obvious relationship analysis, our analysts provide our customers with focused targeting intelligence that yield significant impact to their most sensitive operations.