Courses Tailored to Your Needs

SC3’s Education, Training, Exercise, Professional Development Division is Mission Driven. We provide unique instruction and education support to the Defense, Intelligence, and Justice Communities, as well as other Agencies supporting the National Security mission. SC3’s many government clients have entrusted us to develop and implement a range of sensitive mission critical services, to include non-traditional operational solutions.

Specifically, SC3 offers Intelligence and Security training, ranging from All Source Analysis to Cyber Security SC3 specializes in Counter Intelligence (CI) and Human Source Intelligence (HUMINT) skills, to include practical field Surveillance Role Player Training. SC3 also creates education and training to complement our portfolio of other products and services in order to ensure our clients maximize the potential of our solutions.

SC3 seeks to ‘train the trainer’, establish your relationship with SMEs/Mentors, and to build your network of expertise in order to educate, train, exercise, and professionally develop your team to accomplish your mission.

Operational & Special Skills

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    Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Field Training and Exercises with Extensive Surveillance Role Player Network

    SC3 is currently responsible for a significant amount of all surveillance trade craft field training and exercises nationwide, with and on call cadre of over 500 experienced Surveillance Role Players (SRPs) and associated instructors.  This is a very unique and valuable capability which can augment any mission training.   SC3 is expanding this training into the growing virtual, social media, and other electronic arenas.
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    Financial and Treasury Services

    Understanding international business, financial services related treasury services with an emphasis on understanding international money flow, regulation compliance and countering illicit activity challenges.
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    Cyber Security and Physical Force Protection

    Understanding and countering an ever increasing spectrum of threats to physical and virtual infrastructure, personnel, and information is vital. Courses are designed to improve the organizations Operations and Information Security (OPSEC and INFOSEC) posture, practices, and mindset.
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    Applied Intelligence Skills

    Emphasis is on the fundamental intelligence functions, and strategically planning intelligence and organizational architecture to match mission requirements. The goal of training is to gain knowledge, skills, and abilities in the most important intelligence processes to quickly and efficiently support decision makers. Mission Analysis, Requirements and Collections Planning, Intelligence Preparation of the Operating Environment (IPOE), Vulnerability and Center of Gravity Assessments, Course of Action Development and Comparison, Production, Maximizing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Counter Intelligence Courses are among the foundation subjects available.
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    Messaging and Working With the Media

    Core skill-sets required to plan, craft, and successfully communicate the correct messaging for your organization, your lines of operations, and overall mission via the media. This course will focus on case studies of successes and pitfalls of messaging and interacting with the media. Most importantly it will emphasis, through many hours of practice and exercises with real world international journalists, on camera, how to successfully engage with the media – even under duress and adversarial conditions. In the age of rapid mass communication and social media, everyone in your organization represents your organization and need to be prepared, comfortable and on point with your message.
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    Deployment Language, Culture, and Area Orientation

    SC3 has long been involved in providing quality language and cultural services support. SC3 can tailor training and support products for individuals and teams deploying worldwide for any nature of mission. Emphasis is on mapping and understanding the operation environment with a focus on security, risk mitigation, and building successful working relations with the host nation and other entities engaged in the area of operations. Mastering Human Terrain Analysis based on PMESSI ASCOPE methodologies and maximizing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) resources to define the operating environment are also key aspects of these courses.
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    Tactical Training

    Through very reliable and experienced partners in the Northern Virginia Area, SC3 is able to round off any classroom and exercise education with quality tactical field shooting, driving, survival, and other field skills practical training.

Professional Development and Executive Training

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    Defense Capacity Building

    Courses are designed to focus on the basics of building units and staffs with core competencies in order to plan and carry out the full spectrum of operations form Peace Support/Stability Operations to Asymmetric and Conventional Warfare. Emphasis is on US Military planning and decision making doctrines.
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    Military Planning

    The greatest challenges for military services is planning for missions and achieving interoperability; the successfully employment of units and advanced systems and equipment. Fundamental planning concepts and putting staff structure and processes in place is the foundation to success and often overlooked due to lack of experience or high operation tempo. US Joint and Service Specific Planning Models are taught and exercised.
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    Intelligence Fundamentals

    These courses dive deep into the fundamentals of the intelligence profession. They take a “Back to Basics” approach to build a foundation of intelligence understanding and core skills in order to develop well rounded knowledge of this vital staff function. Basic principles of the Intelligence Cycle and it’s core functions are taught with an emphasis on supporting operations, planning, and the Commander’s decision process.
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    Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

    OSINT is the new All Source Intelligence. These courses are designed to apply fundamental intelligence principles, such as detailed requirements and collection planning, as well as the practical skills, necessary to maximize the potential of this expanding arena.
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    Rule of Law and Law Enforcement

    SC3 has extensive US Department of Justice (DoJ) and international law enforcement affiliations to draw from. SC3 is positioned to provide comprehensive training ranging from investigations and sanctions enforcement, to developing and enhancing the professionalism, integrity, and effectiveness of Law Enforcement, Security Services, Courts, Corrections, and other Rule of Law Institutions.
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    Logistics and Infrastructure

    Core skill-sets required to plan, structure, and manage successful organizations, with an emphasis on a wide range of challenging international logistics related topics.
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    International Aid and Development Support

    A growing area of interest as international engagements expand and increase requiring a wide spectrum of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of topics. SC3 has global lines of operation, experience, and contacts in place to quickly build out current and relevant training.

Education and Training Methodologies

SC3 reputation for excellence is backed by years of real-world operational experience and professional development. Among our cadre of highly experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and exercise supporting Role Players (RPs) are former Intelligence Community, Military, and Law Enforcement Professionals with decades of aggregate experience in their respective fields. Our team of course designers, instructors, SME’s, and RPs are experts in assessing, designing and delivering specialized skills, professional development and capacity building in a variety of unique, defense, intelligence, and international operations related fields. Using the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE) model, they work directly with our clients to build customized solutions to their most mission-critical needs.

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    SC3 specializes in putting together teams of the most current and relevant Subject Matter Experts and the Mentors to deliver quality education and run the most relevant case studies and exercises. We are always looking to augment larger training programs or round off tactical and other field related training with the necessary theoretical and academic portions. SC3 also looks to partner with academic institutions to provide real world content and firsthand knowledge to your education programs. SC3 also enjoys a proven track record of training performance, and extensive network of contacts, within the US and international defense and intelligence communities which facilitates training needs analysis, opportunities, and engagements with key decision makers within these sectors.
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    Training Center

    SC3 enjoys an ideal strategic location in the heart of the US National Capital Region. SC3’s modern, spacious, and well equipped training center is ideally situated to deliver quality training and professional development. We are also available to host and accommodated any training or events clients would like to conduct independently. Let SC3 be your capacity building venue.

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    Online Training

    SC3 is establishing a robust web based Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) and Learning Management System (LMS) infrastructure in place to provide standalone training or to augment traditional taught courses in house and in the field.
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    Key Takeaway

    SC3 seeks to ‘train the trainer’, establish your relationship with SMEs/Mentors, and to build your network of expertize in order to educate, train, exercise, and professionally develop your team to accomplish your mission.

Senior Leader Mentoring

Aim of the Model: To develop and enhance key leadership, strategy, and planning skills, while optimizing the organization, and gaining further confidence and resources for effective long term management.

Target Audience: Senior Host Nation Government and Business Leaders.

Instructors: Senior Retired US and European Government and Business Leaders.

Topics: Full Spectrum of Leadership and Strategic Planning Subjects to Train and Build Capacity.

Conduct: Customized mentorship program in which a long-term relationship is established. Initially the mentor will work side by side with the mentored, onsite, to evaluate the organization and management. Mentor will use knowledge, experience, and network of professional contacts to provide guidance on organization structure, process improvement, and to fine tune leadership. Following onsite mentorship, mentor will be available long-term for consultation at any time, periodic virtual conferences, and onsite return visits.


  • Build long term relationship with experienced senior mentors and network of professional contacts.
  • Learn and employ standardized planning methodologies and decision making processes.
  • Plan and build effective leadership and strategies to optimize organization performance.
  • Articulate missions, lines of operation, associated tasks, and measures of effectiveness.
  • Establish world class standardization and interoperability across partner organizations.
  • Understand effective communications, messaging, and media relations.
  • Benefit from onsite evaluation in order to identify ever evolving organization objectives and goals.
  • Identify training needs and solutions for subordinate organizations.
  • Have continued follow up and reach back support for advice and guidance.

Leadership Seminars

Aim of the Model: To develop and enhance key leadership, strategy, and planning skills, while gaining a familiarization of topics most relevant to the needs of the participants’ organizations. To be able to apply this knowledge in the building organizations and training of subordinate teams. Emphasis on understand and applying fundamental principles to plan and staff successful organizations.

Target Audience: Small working groups (5 to 15) of Host Nation Government and Business Leaders.

Instructors: Senior Retired US and European Government and Business Leaders, in addition to other experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Topics: Full spectrum of recommended leadership, governance, rule of law, intelligence, and operations subjects (see detailed list) in addition to other subjects customized to the needs of the participants to build capacity in their organizations.

Conduct: Customized one to two week small working group seminars to be held in the Washington DC area at SC3 Headquarters. Initial educational lectures in a particular topic of interest to the group followed by practical exercises, case studies. The Seminars will include related institutional and cultural off site visits. Where relevant, participants will be introduced to organizations and professional associations they could join for credentials and follow on career development. Following the seminar, mentors and SMEs will be available long-term for consultation at any time.


  • Familiarization and knowledge of topics to enhance participants’ professional development.
  • Team building and firsthand experience from relevant visits in the Washington DC area.
  • Establish standardization and interoperability across partner organizations.
  • Articulate missions, lines of operation, associated tasks, and measures of effectiveness.
  • Plan the structure, staffing, and training of teams within their organizations.
  • Gain credentialed training certificates and establish contact with and join professional associations.
  • Understand effective communications, messaging, and media relations.
  • Build long term relationships with experienced mentors, SMEs and network of associated professional contacts for continued follow up and reach back support.

Mission Skills Training Courses with Exercises

Aim of the Model: To develop and enhance knowledge, skills, and abilities with a focus on individual qualification training applied directly to the needs of students’ organization. Emphasis on educating and training professionals who will be assigned directly carry out the duties and tasks.

Target Audience: Class of up to 30 students training for a specific organization or mission.

Instructors: Experienced US and European Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Topics: Full spectrum of intelligence, operations, language, culture, and any other topic customized to needs of the students and their organizations.

Conduct: Practical vocational classroom theoretical education reinforced by working group sessions and practical hands on exercises. SMEs follow a crawl, walk, and run methodology to ensure students understand, practice, and master the skills for their duties and responsibilities. Classes will be conducted as much as possible at the organizations site so students are trained in place for maximum realism and minimum disruption to operations. Mobile Training Teams of SMEs will conduct onsite pre site surveys to assess training needs and fine tune curriculum accordingly. Classes can be customized and will typically run from one to six weeks. Emphasis is on ‘Train the Trainer’ with the goal of establishing core competencies and long term training organic to the organization. Following onsite training courses, SMEs will be available long-term for consultation and follow-on training as required.


  • Build core competencies and skills at US and NATO standards to be successful individuals and team members.
  • To understand organizations mission and to accomplish tasks accordingly.
  • Onsite evaluation in order to identify and fine tune training within the organization.
  • Train students to be able to assume future training responsibilities.
  • Follow establish standardization and interoperability within their organization.
  • Have continued follow up and reach back support for advice and guidance.